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From paddling on the lakes of the Rocky Mountains to hiking in the mysterious Canadian Badlands, Alberta has something for everyone. Enrich your life with activities like downhill skiing, ice skating, fishing, golfing, whitewater rafting, boating and swimming, horseback riding, and much more.

Life in Alberta

Why Alberta?

Alberta is a beautiful and thriving Canadian province. People around the world are looking to make Alberta their home for many reasons.

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Alberta Healthcare

Healthcare accross Canada is different from province to province. Here is your quick guide to understanding healthcare in Alberta.

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Looking to immigrate to Canada? We have some important information and resources for you to consider. We want to help you make the transition.

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APL Job Placements in Alberta

Alberta is made up of rural, regional, and urban areas. The majority of APL’s job placements occur in the rural areas of Alberta. A fair amount of placements are in regional areas. And a small percentage of placements are in urban areas.

If you are an international practitioner looking to immigrate to Canada, we encourage you to consider and explore the rich lifestyles rural and regional Alberta has to offer.

Why Alberta?